Creative Responsive Websites

I am a freelancer with nearly 10 years of professional experience in web development and design, based in Birmingham, UK. I’ve developed and designed responsive websites for a global client base including agencies, graphic designers, retailers, non-profit organisations and more.

My core values – that websites must be fast and smooth, responsive, and easy to navigate – ensure that I get results. Working with a range of platforms and technologies including WordPress, Shopify amongst others, I build websites which are a delight to use across all devices, have great SEO and are lightning quick to load. This benefits your business, as fast and easy-to-use websites empower your audience while also generating new leads.

Looking to develop a new website, or bring an old one up to scratch? I work with businesses and organisations large and small. Drop me an email.

Work with me on your new website

Just a few of the reasons to work with me on your next website include:

  • My websites are unique, built bespoke to your requirements. I don’t cobble together websites from prebuilt WordPress themes and plugins, or build them around monolithic website frameworks. My websites are designed and developed around your organisation’s needs, making them as lightweight and performant as possible.
  • Content comes first. There is nothing more important about a website than its content, and that’s why I incorporate content into my projects as early as possible. This ensures that the end result is sensibly organised, quick to navigate and easy to read — both for people, as well as for search engines.
  • I test using real devices. Websites must look and work great on mobile phones, tablets and desktops alike, and to achieve this nothing beats testing on real hardware. Device testing across a selection of browsers, platforms and devices is built into my workflow.
  • Great performance is a requirement, not a bonus. It has been proven that slow websites can kill conversions and increase bounce rates. I treat performance as a key requirement, keeping it in mind for the life of a website build, and beyond. This ensures that pages are fast to load, and smooth to respond.
  • I provide a complete package. I can support you throughout the entire website development process — from the initial brief, to deploying the final product. I’m as comfortable developing front ends as I am configuring web servers.

Fancy a chat about your next project? I’m happy to advise on what solution you might need.

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